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Warsaw, Poland
MFRMGR Architects
Marta Frejda, Michał Gratkowski, Łukasz Ptak
Project status
finished 2022
Oni Studio
148 m²


House K25

Single story house

in californian style


The beginning of the work on this topic involved listening to the clients and their very precise expectations regarding the function of their future home. They were very aware of their needs and had a wealth of knowledge and imagination, which gave us the impetus to design such a house. This slightly affected the associations that this building can evoke. Therefore, when looking at the building, one can feel the gentle atmosphere of a 1950s California villa. Its shape also refers to pavilions from a bygone era, breaking boredom in cities.



The building was intended to be single-story and to provide a sense of security. At the same time, it was to be spacious and bright inside. A maximum floor area was also specified, which could not exceed 190-200 m2. At the start of the design works, we still had to prepare, arrange and tidy up the plot of land where another building was to be demolished.

The investment is located in a quiet town near Warsaw – Zielonka.



The completed facility is linearly distributed on the plot, with an almost invisible concrete plinth detail. Daylight is admitted to the entire building by a strip of longitudinal windows – skylights – high above the walls, with spaced recesses where we placed entrances and passageways. Actually, the windows through which you can look outside are only a sight window from the kitchen to have a view of the driveway area, and a panoramic window from the living room with access to the garden. A row of the skylights seems to cut off a strip of the roof which was designed according to the requirements of the local plan as sloping, but was surrounded by a high attic. This creates the impression of a flat roof levitating above the walls. The window frames and doors were made of powder-coated aluminium in a light shade of grey. The entire house is plastered and painted white, which reinforces its geometric character. It is, so to speak, a ‘light paper pavilion for living’ against the backdrop of a beautiful green plot.









The facility functions as a set of rooms designed and separated specifically at the request of the investor. With the soul of the house, the owner’s studio is located right next to the bright hall and toilet. Further on there are kitchen rooms with pantry, a dining room and a living room with a beautiful view of the green garden. The second part of the house features 2 bedrooms with a Jack and Jill bathroom and a dressing room. It is complemented by a garage room integrated into the building by the same roof.


MFRMGR Architekci
Marta Frejda, Michał Gratkowski, Łukasz Ptak
Status projektu
zakończony 2022
148 m²
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