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About us

We are people who chose design as their professional path and it is not an accident. 2020 is 10 years since we officially appeared under the name MFRMGR Architeckci.

All the projects that we create result from the combination of our temperaments, experiences and perception of the world.
These projects are our proprietary solutions, and each of them has a part of us. We are different, but we also extract common parts from this difference. We are not a corporation. We are aware that we create places and objects that others use. We influence the environment. We are constantly changing and developing as the world changes. In our way of working, we appreciate the tradition of the architectural profession. In addition to computer design, we also work on mockups and draw by hand. Realization is the effect of the path we go through during the entire design process. We try to make our work respond to the needs of the investor, but also to make us happy, because it drives us to invent new things.
We like diversity in our work. Both interesting customers and conditions such as location mean that virtually all of our projects are different. We do not take shortcuts, we do not make stamps. When ordering a project from us, the investor gets a unique work. Corresponding to his needs. Realized by a team of experienced people. We are aware that investment dates and budget are important.
We have gained experience working on significant investments in the largest design companies in Warsaw. We work with proven industry professionals.
Our portfolio includes interior and architecture designs. We work on the interiors of apartments, restaurants, and office spaces. We design single-family and multi-family houses, entire residential and office complexes as well as public facilities. We also design space between buildings and exhibitions.
Our projects have been published in the press and media in Poland and around the world.

They wrote about us: Domus, Frame, Mark, Wallpaper, Monocle, Metropolis, Archdaily, Dezeen, Label, Mouth, F5, Kmag, Bryła, Architektura-Murator.

An Equal distinction in the finals of the competition for Polish Pavilion Expo 2025 Osaka
I place, Brick Award 2019 (Feeling at Home)
Nomination, Architectural Award of the President of Warsaw. (residential building)
Nomination, Archdaily Building of the Year 2019 Award.
1st place, in the closed competition for the 4th stage of the Nowa Królikarnia housing estate.
III place, In the Sarp competition for the Reconstruction of the PKS Bus Station in Kielce.


Marta Frejda
Michał Gratkowski
Łukasz Ptak

They worked with us:

Adam Górka
Łukasz Rossa
Łukasz Woleński
Michał Jońca

Adam Górka
Barbara Koch
Joanna Ziembowska
Łukasz Rossa

Jacek Paśnik
Joanna Ziembowska
Marta Zapaśnik
Natalia Kulesza
Łukasz Rossa
Zofia Koniecko

Hania Bułatowicz
Zofia Koniecko
Zofia Łobza
Jacek Paśnik
Jan Szeląg
Łukasz Rossa

Maria Alexandra Antal
Natalia Bilska
Jacek Paśnik
Aleksandra Pietrow
Patryk Rachwalak
Monika Tucholska

Maria Alexandra Antal
Monika Forgacz
Sara Niepiekło
Waldemar Nowicki
Gabriela Siljanoska

Karolina Jabłońska
Natalia Komuda
Magda Mikosz
Sara Niepiekło
Waldemar Nowicki
Krystian Woźniak

Natalia Bilska
Aleksandra Dzienniak
Monika Forgacz
Beata Głaz
Tereza Hornasova
Agnieszka Kolacińska
Adrianna Manista
Waldemar Nowicki
Leo Mazurek
Kingaa Rzeplińska
Katarzyna Wierzchnicka
Krystian Woźniak
Joanna Żybul


Ping Chen
Eliza Henger
Waldemar Nowicki
Toni Popovski
Barbara Szol
Aleksandra Szwedo
Jarosław Urbański (URBAA)
Klaudia Zyza

Mateusz Dąbkowski (DAAKO)
Małgorzata Dębowska (DAAKO)
Daria Dybciak
Pamela Krzyszczak
Karolina Matysiak
Jakub Róziewicz
Jarosław Urbański (URBAA)
Klaudia Zyza

Malwina Borowiec (PIGALOPUS)
Tomasz Brzozowski
Natalia Janik
Ewa Kaszuba
Pamela Krzyszczak
Kacper Kuczyński
Tomasz Tymiński

Marta Adamczyk
Mateusz Bednarz
Natalia Bilska
Monika Kolon
Michał Rębacz
Zofia Wyganowska (ZOFIA WYGANOWSKA)

Mikołaj Gomółka
Ewa Faltynowicz
Wojciech Funkiewicz
Waldemar Nowicki
Rafał Sukiennik (RPS ARCHITEKCI)

Pawel Grodzicki (WXCA)
Paweł Koliński
Roman Tomecki (OCA)

Paweł Grodzicki (WXCA)
Hanna Kokczyńska (Super Super)
Paweł Koliński
Hirouki Mae
Jacek Majewski (Super Super)

Piotr Musiałowski (2Pm)
Krzysztof Nowotka (Renderek)

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