MFRMGR is the joint operation between Marta Frejda and Michal Gratkowski. We are progressive and brisk, always attempting to implement some freshness to every project and some new unexpected perspective to our clients’ insight. This, combined with our many years’ experience in the most successful Polish architectural studios, let us challenge the most demanding projects and the most creative tasks.

In our works, in wide varieties of scale and function, we focus on their future users. Our goal is to make their time enjoyable, their existence worthwhile and their life and work just easier. From furniture and apartments to culture centers and museums – human being is always in the very center of our attention, resulting in forming beautiful spaces being able to create and accumulate good moments and events.

Our international team, a direct continuation of MOKO Architects, consists of employees and interns from across Europe, pursuing similar design goals but showing different, exciting abilities. We are, however, based in Warsaw – a vibrant city of a constant change, always developing and always incomplete, which uncommon character has influenced us the most. Supported by the heads of the office, Marta Frejda and Michal Gratkowski, and by an outside group of construction experts and engineers, we work together to achieve common satisfaction.

MFRMGR Frejda & Gratkowski Architekci